Named after her father’s piano teacher, Sarah Brindell grew up in a purple house on a hill in San Francisco. She was raised in a family of professional classical musicians, composers and writers. She began dancing at 3, playing keys at 5 and singing in high school. Now a professional singer, songwriter, arranger, and producer, Sarah Brindell continues to perform a melodious blend of Soul, Jazz, Bossa Nova, Reggae, Pop and R&B that captivates audiences around the world. Joining forces with an astounding rhythm section, The Nates, her latest album, “Dreaming Shoes” was released March 23, 2010.

Sarah Brindell has had the honor of being named a finalist by the Song of the Year contest, sponsoring VH-1’s Save the Music Foundation. She also received an honorable mention award from the Billboard World Song Contest. In addition, her songs are regularly appearing on MTV’s show Made.

“Have you ever wondered what honey sounds like? Brindell is a soulful, sexy siren from the same beehive as Ella Fitzgerald, Aretha Franklin, Stevie Wonder and Erykah Badu. Behind the piano, she performs a melodious blend of funk, jazz, and soul that is a remedy for the ear – and the sweet tooth, too.”
-Boston Weekly Dig

“…if anything is going to put us in the right groove, it’s this newly minted diva of funk, pop, and jazz….Brindell’s debut CD, ‘Piece of Mind,’ has been soothing our soul of late.”
-Boston Globe

“…a throw back to the days of Billie Holiday when the music was metaphor for turmoil and trouble but sounded like honey…Brindell’s voice acts as salve to comfort…raw sexual energy dressed up in retro-rhythm and a honey-warm voice can’t disguise the core – pure seduction.”
-Boston Girl Guide

“…to say her voice is flawless would be an understatement…[Piece of Mind] is full of songs that really grab the listener’s full attention.”
-Best Female Musicians, NYC

“When she looks deep into the audience and sings with that lovely voice of hers, it’s impossible not to be taken in. Sarah…is simply mesmerizing.”
-Time Out Magazine, San Francisco

Fun Facts about Sarah B:

  • Sarah loves hats. When she was eight years old, she used to wear a raspberry beret to school every day.
  • Her mother plays cello in the San Francisco Symphony.
  • Her father plays French horn across the street in the SF Opera and Ballet orchestras.
  • She used to take song requests at piano lounges in Zurich, Switzerland.
  • She is currently an Assistant Professor at Berklee College of Music, Boston, MA, teaching songwriting, arranging, ear training and music theory classes.
  • Sarah has met Stevie Wonder three times.
  • Her favorite number is 27.
  • She’s in pre-production for a new album as you read this!

MARCH 1st, 2010

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